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Nord Keyboards


We are the exclusive distribution partner for Nord Keyboards in the UK and ROI. To discuss the Nord product portfolio and pricing please contact us on:

Tel: +44 (0) 1908 477 142

Handmade in Stockholm Sweden, each Nord keyboard is built to withstand the rigours of touring whilst also being a valuable part of any recording studios sonic arsenal. Designed and built to exacting standards and meticulous detail Nord has become a name synonymous with live musicians due to its ease of use, superior sound quality and exceptional build quality.

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Your brand takes centre stage as we uphold and promote your product value in the UK market. We are committed to investing in UK inventory to support mutual growth plans, ensuring that your brand receives the attention it deserves to flourish.

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With a deep knowledge of your product, we enhance your brands presence by providing exceptional customer service, making sure your products receive world class support. Our deep connections across the whole industry enables us to be activity promoting and driving sales, guaranteeing increased visibility and market penetration.

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Through our Headline programme of events and dealerships, we will provide hands-on experiences of your products, giving potential buyers the chance to feel the magic of your brand first-hand. We’ll be showcasing brands and launching new products by collaborating with our partners because we believe in creating a thriving MI, studio recording and touring community that fosters innovation, growth, and creativity.

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With a team of 50 years of industry experience, service expertise, and a vast network of connections, we are equipped to provide unparalleled support to our partners. Our extensive knowledge of the MI, studio recording, touring and Music Industry allows us to tailor solutions that best fit your brand's unique requirements alongside specialist retailer & routes to market, ensuring you receive the attention and care you deserve whilst being presented to all elements of the unique UK marketplace.

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We are devoted to giving your brand the spotlight it deserves and the nurturing it needs to flourish and thrive. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we invest our time, resources, and passion to elevate your brand to new heights.

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We firmly believe that collaboration is the key to building solid partnerships. By working together, we create an environment where ideas flow freely, innovation takes centre stage, and the entire audio community prospers. Together, we grow as a united force, propelling each other forward in this dynamic industry.

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At Headline Audio, your brand becomes our headliner, and your success is our ultimate goal. We are devoted to giving our brands the spotlight they deserve to make them flourish and thrive. Our commitment to your success is unwavering as we invest our time, resources and passion in creating a community of likeminded creatives & music lovers to elevate your brand to new heights.

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